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Freaky Ali 2016 Hindi Full Movie Watch Online Free

Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Ali) plays a character of a collector for the local bully extortion along with Arbaaz Khan (Maqsood). Their fate becomes when one day and Arbaaz going to a golf course to collect extortion, after waiting for hours for a man to give him money. Nawazuddin’s character confronts the man who tells him to wait while you finish the hole .This is where the character of Nawazuddin challenges him saying it’s easy, the man asks Nawazuddin show, Nawazuddin putts the ball in one ace for he has a natural oscillation talent, this not only surprised the man, but his caddy, so he knows Nawazuddin. What follows is a story of inspiration from a single collector extortion to a feeling of golf, and in the way of him becoming a champion, Nawazuddin character overcomes all odds and meets his dream girl played

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