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Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (2009) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Rahul Kapoor, his wife Mitali, and her daughter Komal, attending a party at the home of his friends Jolly and Jaswinder Saxena. Rahul’s friend, Amit, and his wife very angry, Nandini is also present. Rahul This is where a good number of alcoholic beverages will be delivered, then meet and be attracted to a beautiful woman named Sophia perhaps. The next day you wake up with a hangover, unable to re-locate what happened the night before. Fearing that it might have been more than indiscreet, it discussed in detail with Amit and Jaswinder, and gradually realize that they were not the only ones who were aware that was with Sophia, among others that could perhaps be his wife . More shocks and surprises await you when you decide to go deeper and will meet Sophia.

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