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Shirdi Sai (Nagarjuna) appears in Shirdi in last early part of the vibrant life and disappears. He goes to the Himalayas and proceed Shirdi abaftwards an extension of 9 years. He chooses a mosque damaged as his dwelling. Amazed by their reality and miracles, turning the guild clan calling Sai Baba. He just helping group during and growing throughout the existence of co communal land by the cry Party is not only one God. Some people are local vigilante Sai Baba on the heels of them remember their greatness almost time during a race. The exuberance of the box is mostly what Sai Baba made him the way one sees the Shirdi abandoned by people of all religions and enter Samadhi pilgrimage

Shirdi Sai 2016 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online
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Hindi Dubbed

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