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Watch Ishq Click 2016 Full Movie Online

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This is the story of a struggling photographer Aditya Holiday in the beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, where he meets a pretty girl and goes to Sophie click it while sightseeing. Cargo trying to befriend her, but has many failed attempts. You also lose the focus of his own career as he can see anyone beyond Sophie in her life. In befriending Sophie persuades her to try modeling in the city of dreams Mumbai. As luck would have that perfect look dazzling work well for her career making her one of the highest models. However Aditya is still finding his land and his parents are aggressive and career oriented Aditya pressure to become serious about his career. Sophie also heavily dependent for money, networking and personal gains. One day he meets Ira Aditya daughter of a successful photographer Mr. Mehta at a family event and soon turns to her for their personal benefits. Realizing the struggle will become a successful photographer Aditya takes a shortcut through the use of its connection with Ira to climb the career ladder. Aditya marry and now reaches a state of decent career. Ira intelligent young woman of today, will soon get to know all about past Âdityas. He also throws in a legal charge against the Aditya infidelity in support of Sophie. Meanwhile Âdityas past haunts him and his guilt eats away at your peace and imagines that Sophie has committed suicide because of it. While it is actually only Âdityas guilty conscience that makes him hallucinate. What happens in Aditya when former lovers unite together is something that will be revealed this love saga in theaters soon.

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