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Watch Island City 2016 Hindi Full Movie Online Free

The film follows three comic-dramatic stories set in Mumbai. The first is about an employee of office diligent winning the ‘Fun Award Committee’ office, which entitles you to a whole day full of fun. He is the most reluctant to leave the safety of his cubicle, but he has to. fun prescribed modules must be completed and failure is not an option … The second story begins with a head-de-la-dominant family, Anil, who is in intensive care. Looking for some relief, his family decided to buy a TV, Anil had banned. Now every night the family is plugged into a popular soap opera whose hero, Purshottam, is an ideal man in every way and be injured. Then, suddenly, comes the news that Anil is better and can be home soon. They will have to let go Purshottam? … The third focuses on repetitive Aarti whose existence is gradually making more and more mechanical and numb. Deep inside a disconnect ferments and discomfort that she is unable to articulate to anyone. Then one day does not get a …

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